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Our Events

Brews Up is all about bringing people together for a great time. Whether it’s a beach cleanup, festival, tournament, activity, happy hour, family event, business networking, breakfast power hour, members-only event or free gatherings, we provide members with access to plenty of events.


Our mission is to create unforgettable experiences that bring people together and foster meaningful connections with a variety of event types for a variety of event groups. 

Members get a discounted rate or free.

Non-member rates apply, unless stated.



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Business Networking

Fun. Easy. Social. It's a lifestyle, not a chore. Low-key social events centered around business.


Hiking, trivia, bingo, yoga, meditation, beach day, sports, spa day, woodworking, tours, races.

Happy Hour(s)

Brews Up makes every hour, happy hour! Multitude of different types, locations and focuses.


Beach volleyball, pickleball, cornhole, kickball, golf, softball, bocce ball, more.

Breakfast Power Hour

Local meet-ups at different breakfast locations throughout North County often.


Fun challenges, volunteer opportunities, partnerships with community leaders, more.

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Must be a Brews Up member and have paid the monthly or yearly dues prior to attending. 


Events with or without children, mingle with local mothers to discuss today's challenges. 

Member + non-member

Members receive 15% discount on event or more. Non-members pay a higher entrance fee per event.


Calling all north county san diego singles! This is for you to come out, laugh, meet your future ex!


Gather with other local fathers to talk about marriage challenges, work balance and more.


Families are encouraged to attend family type events to meet others and grow in community.

Not a member yet?

Join the club today



Join for only $15 / month. 

Members get tons of benefits.


Yearly Special

Join for only $150 / year.

2 FREE months of membership.

FREE hat for a limited time only.


Our team is actively building out our calendar of events starting in June, 2023. We had a few local meet-up events in March and April and will resume in June. 

Stay tuned for more exciting events coming up! 

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